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i think im gonna like it..heeeeerrrrreee! (annie)

DIY Rollerball

GitHub - Skycode22/HIDs: HID projectsNeed to make your own rollerball / trackpad? These are neat. Uses the v neat QMK firmware


This is neat. There’s a few commercial things like this but if you are AT user wanting to do some maths check this out. Also on GitHub under a MIT licence here

Why Brussels taste better now

From Culinary Dud To Stud: How Dutch Plant Breeders Built Our Brussels Sprouts Boom Did you hate Brussel sprouts when you were younger and now “meh” or even “yay”??! It could be because since the 90s breeders have been breeding less bitter varieties.

A number plate for all those working in VI & AAC

1 or 2 switch scanning?

If you ever wondered if one switch automatic scanning is really that hard to learn - or should I say, why some people (me for one) bang on about always trying to find two-switch scanning rather than defaulting to one-switch scanning, this is a great demonstration. This is a paternoster lift. A non-stop, never-ending lift that to ride you have to time your jump in and out. And if you get it wrong.. well.. its awkward. Now imagine you are automatically scanning.. The result of not getting the correct item can be.. well.. super frustrating and potentially embarrassing or just dangerous. Now imagine if you could just manage the moving of the lift through floors. More presses of the button, but phew! less stressful. (Props to Michael Ritson for coming up with this analogy). (Vid from imgur.com/8dTGlqS)

Apple. Accessibility. What we need in 2023

This is a great little video from Apple today - but it reminds me of some really bizarre design decisions by Apple. Let me explain by listing what’s needed:Yes. There is facial gesture detection in MacOS. It’s cool. But - why can’t you map facial gestures to switch actions?And similarly - why can’t you map them as switch actions on iOS - alongside switch boxes (it already has one - the face movement left or right).WHY OH WHY IS THERE A HEADMOUSE BURIED IN SWITCH ACCESS? WHO ON EARTH NEEDS IT THERE? (To be clear. Headmousse should be an option alongside Bluetooth devices or game controllers for AssistiveTouch)Some parity with iOS - can we have sound switches in MacOS, too, please!For mouse control - (and really eyegaze) there needs to be a zooming method to help with accuracy.There desperately needs to be a simple way of resetting different areas of accessibility settings. It’s now so easy to get yourself in a pickle with different conflicting settingsThe Game controller access stuff is AMAZING. Like - really neat and well done. But why is it that on the home screen, you don’t actually get a cursor - you get a moving box?

Do you really need a MDM

For us at Ace Centre, the MDM we use (incidentally Meraki) is a lifesaver. We have an endless amount of devices on it, and we can do magical things like push apps to client devices on the spot in an assessment or allow a purchased device from us to say have its own AppStore account on it. Or even we’ve had cases where schools ring us and say, “Sorry we have lost the device” and we can tell them its just been left on the school bus. It’s brilliant. The amount of clinical hours we save in revisiting and technical time in setting the kit up pays for itself. But.. Does every service need it? Here’s what an MDM does. And here is what Apple Configurator (free on a Mac) does.

A group of flamingoes is called a flamboyance

ref: http://birding.about.com/od/Bird-Trivia/a/20-Fun-Facts-About-Flamingos.htm

Functioning labels are


the autistic

We don’t wake up every morning and think:
“I am so

I feel
so sorry
for myself,

too needy

and I don’t
have a chance to be

We wake up
and face the life
we have,
being the best
we can be.

If we have any hidden
abilities, they will remain

Or we might show some special talent
but if we still look weird
or too different from our peers, we are
still pitied,
as if we are under constant

And we don’t wake up
every morning and think:
“I am so high-functioning,
I look almost normal

. Today I will try to be normal,
like my peers.
I want to be just like them,
indistinguishable from them”.

We wake up
and face the life we have,
being the best
we can be.

— Martina at http://breaksintheverse.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/my-story-told-by-someone-else.html?m=1

“Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important, Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives, And if things don’t work out, Take another shot”

(Via reddit)

“A sign seen in Luxembourg for a car parking space, translates as “If you take my place then take my disability”.“ (by bencracknell on reddit)

Dr John Dingley - A AT hacker

Great things here Check out some of Johns instructables too : m.instructables.com/member/Xe… Great stuff.

Just got back from ISAAC in Lisbon. The next one is in Toronto. Time to learn some sign language

Not sure how this passed me by. Check out more on Martin Finn and the whole “Autisms got Talent 2012” on google.

Martin Finn - You’re Beautiful (Live @ Autism’s Got Talent 2012) - YouTube


Go Baby Go!

Fab. More info on the Go Baby Go project here with a nice manual on how-to here.

The ramblings of a mad person. So I figure I can do something as a weekend bit of fun and do a Open source version of a Tandem Master using a Teensy. There is some code to work from (see the bitbucket listed here)

My soldering is shoddy. I’m going to hold my breath and try and dig deep to do some C to make this work - if you fancy giving me a hand I’m all ears (NB: There is a real need to get this working. It is for fun but there are users who need this..)


Terrific visual of handwriting grips. #OT #Handwriting #Grips

Real classy inclusion Mr Photographer

“If you want to take my parking, take my disability” Sign in Saudi.

I keep getting picked up on my pronunciation of town names up in Manchester and I think of this.

For individuals who struggle to re-position a mouse it can be useful to build a frame so when they hit the edge it’s a reminder to lift up and re-place the mouse in the middle. Well, make one or use your degree certificate..