From our fab OT student today

So are you telling me my phone can autocorrect but that’s not done on AAC Devices .. and the user always has to select their predictions?.

Hmmm. I wonder if I was missing something (and not from the world of research like Keith Vertanen’s demos.. anyone?

So what’s the difference between autocorrect and prediction? Prediction software has been around for years. In essence, the software displays predictions, and in some way, you have to select the predicted word or sentence. In some software the selection technique is reduced (e.g. in Microsoft 365 products now a swipe to the right allows you to select the suggested word/phrase). But you still have to actively look and seek it. More recently, autocorrection software has started to appear. If you ask me, it makes a lot of sense (some suggest it’s a terrible idea for learning language.. but for dyslexia support it looks amazing). You reduce the visual search aspect and just type. Any mistakes or typos it tries to correct. It’s not for everyone - but in AAC, it seems like a great idea. Focus on what you can get out and let the thing correct itself.

Will Wade @willwade