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Steve Jobs adopted a no ‘bozos’ policy and said the best managers are those who never wanted the job—here are his 3 best management tips …

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Coming soon - BNO055 + BMP280 QT Py is 11-DoFs of motion sensing goodness The opposite of a parts shortage is a parts surplus, aaaand we …

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I disagree with Geoff Hinton regarding "glorified autocomplete" | Hacker News

I disagree with Geoff Hinton regarding “glorified autocomplete” | Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science …

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PSA: If you're really stuck compiling your project for visionOS because of iOS-only third-party frameworks you do have a commandline way to …

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Start Reader:

The choice of the term “hallucination” to describe what is happening with these language models is fundamentally misleading, and feels …

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Toy AAC Device for Doll or Stuffed Animal

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The state of play in the Text to Speech Technology for AAC | Ace Centre State of the union on Text to Speech synthesis and …

A to Z of AAC | Beth Moulam Great talk from @ZoeClarke77 ending with @beth_moulam A-Z of AAC Well done Zoe!Reader: …

Speech Assistant AAC App - Communication App for iPad and iPhone @AceCentre .. Or if you know any users who use the …

Untitled ( WordTalk from @CALLScotland is amazing. Amazing too that so few TTS …

Blissymbolics Communication International - Start @GARIupdates @DangerOT I’ll share this with the world - so the …

Bliss @GARIupdates @DangerOT I’ll share this with the world - so the discussion about bliss came up over the days at #ATAAC if …

Resources for AT/AAC Conference - Better Living Through Technology The @DangerOT talking at #ataac2022 see his resources and pres …

Change macOS user preferences via command line | read beforeReader:

Donate | Ace Centre @accesstechUK @AceCentre @ThinkSmartbox PPS. If you do find it useful - or any of our work you can …

(400) RT @CaseyNewton: Hangouts is now Chat. Chat is NOT Gchat. GChat is …

AAC & Assistive technology Conferences & Publications - Google Sheets So been looking around at #AT/#AAC conferences out …

AAC & Assistive technology conferences So been looking around at #AT/#AAC conferences out there. I cant find a nice little …

(500) @OT_south @AbleNetInc So. As @AbleNetInc say they have the mini cup but off the top of my head …

ASL @OT_south @AbleNetInc So. As @AbleNetInc say they have the mini cup but off the top of my head there is the @piko 30 & 50 …

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(400) Another one of our fab resources by our elves. This one is the …

Night Before Christmas Shared Reading | Ace Centre RT @AceCentre: 🎅🎄Watch Claire do a shared reading of this Christmas …

(400) RT @AceCentre: 🎅🎄Watch Claire do a shared reading of this …

Untitled ( @AejazAssistech @GavinHenderson5 @DundeeAAC We’ve already done it …

Untitled ( @AejazAssistech @GavinHenderson5 …

EyeCommander | Ace Centre Big news this week. @GavinHenderson5 - (ex @DundeeAAC comp sci student) got out the door a …

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Fontfacer | Autogenerate CSS font rules from font files

Untitled ( RT @AceCentre: Have you seen the new NHS Service Finder on our website? …

NHS Service Finder | Ace Centre RT @AceCentre: Have you seen the new NHS Service Finder on our website? This can be used to …

(400) I go wjth this but I’d be just as happy if Apple supported aspects …

(400) Amazing work by @GavinHenderson5 with TY to and of course the …

(500) Amazing work by @GavinHenderson5 with TY to and of course the whole …
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