Apple Vision Accessibility features

Finding it interesting reading all the Apple Vision reviews. One snippet I’ve been keen to explore is how they solved the Midas touch problem. Well as most of us working in AT know - the easiest way is to use a secondary accept technique - not just your eye position. They went for a tap instead of dwell by default. Neat. But you can use dwell if you need to. Also note it can be controlled by head position, finger or wrist position instead of eyes. See Apples developer videos on this

From daringfireball

you look at things, and tap your index finger and thumb to “click” or grab the thing you’re looking at. It sounds so simple and obvious, but it’s a breakthrough in interaction design. The Mac gave us “point and click”. The iPhone gave us “tap and slide”. Vision Pro gives us “look and tap”.

worth pointing out this comment too. As great as it is we know fine accuracy is tough without somekind of zoom interface (or dasher!)

@zackkatz Not necessary. Just keyboard. But the trackpad adds significant targeting accuracy. I wouldn't have wanted to edit my review using eye tracking for text selection. I'd still be editing it 12 hours from now.

Will Wade @willwade