1 or 2 switch scanning?

If you ever wondered if one switch automatic scanning is really that hard to learn - or should I say, why some people (me for one) bang on about always trying to find two-switch scanning rather than defaulting to one-switch scanning, this is a great demonstration. This is a paternoster lift. A non-stop, never-ending lift that to ride you have to time your jump in and out. And if you get it wrong.. well.. its awkward. Now imagine you are automatically scanning.. The result of not getting the correct item can be.. well.. super frustrating and potentially embarrassing or just dangerous. Now imagine if you could just manage the moving of the lift through floors. More presses of the button, but phew! less stressful. (Props to Michael Ritson for coming up with this analogy). (Vid from imgur.com/8dTGlqS)

Will Wade @willwade