Apple. Accessibility. What we need in 2023

This is a great little video from Apple today - but it reminds me of some really bizarre design decisions by Apple. Let me explain by listing what’s needed:Yes. There is facial gesture detection in MacOS. It’s cool. But - why can’t you map facial gestures to switch actions?And similarly - why can’t you map them as switch actions on iOS - alongside switch boxes (it already has one - the face movement left or right).WHY OH WHY IS THERE A HEADMOUSE BURIED IN SWITCH ACCESS? WHO ON EARTH NEEDS IT THERE? (To be clear. Headmousse should be an option alongside Bluetooth devices or game controllers for AssistiveTouch)Some parity with iOS - can we have sound switches in MacOS, too, please!For mouse control - (and really eyegaze) there needs to be a zooming method to help with accuracy.There desperately needs to be a simple way of resetting different areas of accessibility settings. It’s now so easy to get yourself in a pickle with different conflicting settingsThe Game controller access stuff is AMAZING. Like - really neat and well done. But why is it that on the home screen, you don’t actually get a cursor - you get a moving box?

Will Wade @willwade