' .Google HQ . ;

                                                       ' .LA  - where are the trees?   . ;
                                                       ' .View from inside Charlies cafe looking out.   . ;
                                                       ' .You need some time off to get a haircut?! Don't be silly now - we have one at work..  . ;
                                                       ' .Why walk when you can ride!  . ;
                                                       ' .A view from the Google earth booth - this is a view from the top of the Shard in London  . ;
                                                       ' .The toilets have notes while you read.. a little long IMHO but interesting. Not sure if intentional but this one on Accessibility could be found in the disabled loo  . ;
                                                       ' .The chocolate room! Yes, a room full of chocolate. Thanks GSoC!  . ;
                                                       ' .You want snacks while you work? Free on demand.. snacks  . ;
                                                       ' .An indicator that its not all fun & games. Thats staff toothbrushes in the loos..  . ;
                                                                                                                  Thanks to Google for my weekend in California last week for the GSoC unconference. Apart from feeding me non-stop (the bacon was amazing) I learnt quite a bit too. Thanks to Jorge & KomodoOpenLab for inviting me and of course Elyas on the fab work on Tecla. It’s been fun :)

Will Wade @willwade