' .The Apple Event Abstract . ;

                                                       ' .Crowds Arriving..  . ;
                                                                                                                  Last night I did a little presentation on AAC at the Apple Store, Covent Garden. We had a range of folk, from parents to Doctors and therapists and some folk looking for solutions for themselves. Thanks to everyone at Apple store Covent Garden for dealing with my slide issues and poor microphone handling skills!

If you came along here’s some of the links: The list of Apps (about to be updated later this weekend!): AppsForAAC, CPC Farnell - a supplier of a range of kit including the Forward, Life Jacket - a fab waterproof and rugged case which only 2 evenings before I happily delivered to a child on my teams caseload. I’ll try and add the slides when I can get them back from Apple :)

Thanks to the GOSH team & Sandra from Logan who came out to give me some support and shared a nice bit of Japanese tuck and beer with after. I fully recommend Hu Sushi, Charlotte Street and the eel rice stuff!

update: Obviously a large chunk of this talk was about AAC & Assistive software on Apple devices. A large chunk was also Communication Matters heavy in directing folk to their local AAC centre.

Will Wade @willwade